My approach

I don’t chase symptoms. I aim to encourage good health by supporting both your body and mind. I am passionate about showing you how delicious food can be, showing you the huge choice you have instead of telling you what you can’t eat. I use a combination of the latest scientific research and apply it through nutrition, showing you how to eat for longevity, robust health and energy.

Functional Nutrition looks at the relationships between body systems and the connection between each, as decreased function in one can affect your overall health. Working with the whole person and taking time to understand you and the reason why you have come to see me will open up a whole new path to recovering your health.

I use the latest advances in science, natural therapies and behavioural research as tools to solve every day nutritional problems. I look for the causes of your health concerns including the food you eat, your lifestyle, levels of physical activity, stress, relationships, sleep and mental health as they all have an ability to heal and repair.

The time I spend with you, listening to your stories, gives me the opportunity to understand your specific goals and needs. By studying your medical history, your home and work environments and lifestyle I can piece together the factors that influence your long-term health and help you overcome whatever health issue you are facing. I will then give you a plan to work from that will be no-nonsense and achievable.

I won’t just give you another ‘diet’ to follow, instead I will teach you the best way to eat for you, so you can free yourself from health problems and restrictive diets. As your nutritionist I will help you replace your old habits with new ones that will serve you for life and change your mindset around food. I will also help you keep motivated and focused by on-going support.

I understand that simply being given nutritional advice is not always enough to ensure you reach your goals. I will help you with strategies and skills to enable you to make the changes you need and shine a spotlight on issues you previously may not have considered, to help you move forward wherever you are on your journey.

As a Nutritional Therapist I have worked to support many clients with imbalances and illnesses including:

  • Gastrointestinal health e.g. bloating, constipation, reflux, diarrhoea

  • Hormone balancing e.g. thyroid issues, pcos

  • Fertility and preparing for pregnancy

  • Post-partum health and how best to feed your baby.

  • Blood sugar management

  • Fatigue, tiredness & exhaustion

  • Food intolerances

  • Food cravings

  • General wellbeing and how to have more vitality

Even though there might not be an ‘ill state’, a session with a Nutritional Therapist can be beneficial as a holistic assessment can help you implement dietary and lifestyle changes which may help to prevent any health issues in the future.