I wanted to work with Elisabeth because of her holistic approach and I knew I needed a lot of emotional support in order to make changes to my eating habits as it felt too difficult to do on my own. I have long had issues with a fast metabolism and running low on energy, plus stress around what to avoid with my IBS...but it was an endometriosis diagnosis last year and chronic thrush that finally sent me to look for professional help. I am so glad I did!

Almost without noticing, within a month or two of working with Elisabeth, my thrush of nearly two years cleared up, and I had more energy, not to mention feeling SO much happier knowing I had Elisabeth's support to ask questions etc. There is so much (often contradictory) information online about food that I could just not decipher alone. Elisabeth is warm, friendly, interested, full of information and a desire to know more and has exactly the kind of attitude to food that I needed - permissive, stress-free and taking account of the whole of me and my needs. Don't hesitate!

"I would highly recommend Elisabeth. Her approachable style, which is backed up with detailed knowledge and explanation, has allowed me to make realistic and what I’m sure will be long-lasting changes."

"I liked Elisabeth’s holistic approach and especially the emphasis placed on dietary and lifestyle changes which felt healthy and manageable. Elisabeth explained the reasons for changing diet well which meant making changes was easier. I already had quite a healthy diet but have added foods which I enjoy eating and feel are doing me good. She sent me some recipes which have helped me put the changes into practice. I was comfortable with the supplements which felt they supported the diet rather than taking the place of real changes. The lifestyle recommendations were helpful too. Finally someone has given me permission to rest when I’m tired" 

Caroline. S - Food writer

"After years of inexplicable migraines with a very upset stomach which became impossibly frequent a few months ago, Elisabeth put me on a wellness plan that has cleared my problem completely. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and experienced, she also really cares for her clients. I received all the nutritional information I needed to get well naturally plus recipes and tips about excellent supplements and their suppliers. I felt and continue to feel well-supported to be healthy and stay that way. Highly recommended."

Irene S.- Educational Consultant

I've definitely seen some improvement either side of Christmas - the festive season is really difficult when you are trying to keep to an eating plan, but actually that was quite good in itself as it gave me a contrast! I'm definitely heading in the right direction and it's been great to finally get some guidance that has made a difference. Finally feeling 'normal' for a good few days each week has been amazing!! I didn't realise how unwell I was constantly feeling as I couldn't remember what feeling good was like!!

Tom. H - Architect