The Consultation

The initial consultation takes approximately 60 minutes in person in one of the London clinics below or via Skype. Upon booking your appointment, a welcome pack will be sent to you via email, this includes a comprehensive questionnaire and a 3 day diet diary.

I ask you to complete these forms and bring them with you to your appointment. Your consultation will include a full health and dietary analysis, so I can get a better picture of your needs. I will make realistic dietary and lifestyle recommendations and together we will plan your road to better health.

You will be given sufficient time to ask questions and discuss your options. These can be further considered in subsequent consultations. You will also be given plenty of support in between the sessions to help you stay on track.

Follow up appointments are usually scheduled after four weeks, but each client’s journey is individualized and this will be agreed together.

Depending on your individual health status/ needs, there may be additional investigation such as pathology required. This will be followed by a comprehensive and therapeutic functional nutrition and natural health plan. As well as lifestyle and dietary adjustments, you may be prescribed nutritional supplements.


Many clients ask how many sessions they might need, and my answer is it will depend on their current state of health, how long they’ve had the health concerns, the pressures of the life style they have and many other factors. In my experience, on going support and additional motivation provided by a package is what clients find invaluable and the key to success, but I am more than happy to provide a single session too. Get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

Depending on your health status/need I usually suggest ongoing support and motivation provided by the packages but I am happy to offer individually priced sessions too.

  • Single 1h session: £110

  • Follow up 45 mins: £70

  • A single include a personalised plan with nutrition and life style advice, a few recipes to get started with and 10% on all supplements at the Natural Dispensary.

  • If you book the follow up at the same time as the Initial session, I also include one e-mail/What’s App or 15 minutes phone call to help you stay on track.

Packages £250

Ideal for those who require support for a particular purpose, such as longstanding health issues, preparing/follow for a surgical procedure or once clients have reached/resolved their first goals to check in and tweak their diets to adapt to their changing lifestyle and pressure such as immune support in the winter or getting prepared for summer.

This option is also offered to clients who are looking to conceive, and this can be split with their partner, and they will receive guidance on their health how to maximise fertility and how to have a robust and healthy pregnancy. This option is also great for anyone who has given birth and needs guidance how to support yourself and your baby through the fourth trimester with food and holistic support.

I highly recommend the coaching programme to help resolve long standing issues that cannot be covered in one initial session.

An example of a typical package

  • 1 x initial 60-minute consultation plus initial chat over the phone before booking.

  • 2 x 45-minute follow-up sessions (can be taken via Skype or phone)

  • A personalised nutrition and life style programme sent to you and updated after each follow up session.

  • A collection of recipes to help you get started and a one day meal plan to help you get started.

  • The coaching package also includes meal planning advice and a shopping list aimed at your particular needs.

  • Possible functional testing such as hormone tests, gut function or food intolerances. These will be discussed in the follow up sessions.

  • Additional weekly coaching support either via phone or WhatsApp.

  • Sessions booked to discuss testing only will be charged as an initial to include the time taken to analyse the results.

  • 15% off supplements from the Natural Dispensary.

Get in touch for your free minute consultation and see if this could be something for you.

Honor Oak Wellness Rooms, SE23 – Saturdays 10-13.00

Rise Osteopathy SE23 Tuesday’s evenings 18.45-21.00

Skype consultations Weds 9-15.00

Any other time on request.

*Terms and Conditions:

Please note that any required tests, pathology and prescriptions are additional cost. Payment is required in full on the day. A minimum 24-hour cancellation period is required for all appointments, otherwise a cancellation fee of £50 may be charged

Please be aware that the above pricing structure is for clinic appointments, weekend and Home Visit charges will vary.

Initial consultation sessions will require a £25 deposit to confirm your booking, this will then be deducted from the session charge. If opting to pay session by session this will be required each time.

All packages must be paid for in advance to receive the discount they offer and used within 12 months of purchase.

Payment of invoices is required within 7 days of receipt.